Construction always presents a complex challenge. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with a team of seasoned professionals who have full knowledge of current industry standards and regulations, and who will ensure that your facilities adhere to your requirements, meet your needs, and foster an optimal return on your investment over time.

Every project is unique. Consequently, so is our approach. Speak to us about your projects, and allow us to recommend the particular contractual arrangement we feel would best suit your needs.


Allow us to put our expertise and advice to your benefit, right from the preliminary phases of your project. We can optimize the necessary financial, material and human resources for your project, and give you a clear picture of the work from the outset, well before the actual work begins. By placing your project in our hands, you will realize true savings, both in time and money.

Once your needs, budget and deadlines have been properly assessed and identified, we will take care of everything: consultation and construction management, design, materials selection, construction, renovation, landscaping, etc., all while respecting your slightest requests and seeing to your every issue efficiently. The turnkey formula is very commonly sought among Duquette Construction‘s clientele, as it is thoroughly advantageous.


This management model is proposed to our clients who wish to have a direct contractual relationship with the suppliers involved in their project, such as for the design, the architecture, and the preparation of plans and technical specifications.

As with the turnkey approach, this type of agreement often involves a cost-plus contract. This is the type of contract typically used in major renovation projects, when the extent of the work to be carried out cannot be precisely evaluated ahead of time. A percentage mutually agreed upon by the parties at the outset is added to the cost of the work. To ensure that the project costs do not exceed a certain level, a budget limit can be specified in the contract.

This type of contract provides complete transparency in the tender bidding process. The subcontractors’ bids that correspond best to the client’s needs and budget are presented to the client for consideration, followed by our recommendations. The construction work can begin as soon as the preliminary budget is established and approved, even if the plans have not been finalized in their entirety.


This model is traditionally proposed when all aspects of the project are very well defined. In such cases, the client itself awards the contract(s) to an architectural firm and to structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil consulting engineers for the design and the preparation of plans.

Once the tender process is completed, Duquette Construction will mount a competitive bid for the management and execution of the work, which will meet the requirements and needs specified by the professionals associated with the file. The work will then be carried out in accordance with the plans and specifications, under the technical supervision of our professionals.

This type of contract is suitable when time is not a critical factor, as the work cannot commence until all of the design and tender process steps have been completed.